Another beautiful, peaceful day today.

And funny, although Mom has been gone nearly seventeen years now, yesterday I felt her so close to me it was like she spent Mother’s Day with me.  Didn’t expect that, but it felt that Mother’s Days when she was alive.

The Independent Film Channel was a hoot yesterday.  Instead of showing the usual sweet Mother movies that are so nostalgic, and not in keeping with the best film Moms ever (cue that nauseating scene in, “Forrest Gump,” about the box of chocolates–heavens, call me a fiend, but I really don’t like that movie…) IFC showed a, “Mommie Dearest” marathon.  Hour after hour of, “Mommie Dearest.”  Would you believe I never saw it before until yesterday?  Gracious, goodness.   You know I really believe Joan Crawford was that mean.  During the wire coat hangers scenes, and the clean the bathroom floor scene together, I swear to heaven if I had really been present I would have knocked JC through six walls for what she did to that little girl.

It was dazzling yesterday, and I kept napping on and off in the recliner, but so peaceful.  The Poke and Eggprant was delicious.

And I am following, “The White Princess.”  What I like very much about this series is that the focus is on history and drama, and I don’t think I’ve seen one boob-butt scene in any episode.  It’s refreshing, you know?  Well-acted, beautifully produced, and history!  And King Henry VII is played by a rather handsome actor.  I’m enjoying it very much.