To the day, the apparitions of the Blessed Mother began in Fatima, Portugal.  Today, Pope Francis canonized two of the children, Jacinta and Francisco.  Who died under the age of 12.  Two adorable children.  I read their story when I was not much older than they were when they died, and it delights my heart Pope Francis gave these little ones sainthood today, on the very feast and one hundredth anniversary of the day the apparitions began.

Returned to Mass and choir today, and before I realized this day was a special feast of Mary’s, decided to wear blue and white anyway.  It was the May crowning this morning, and once again I’m called back to the month of May and Incarnate Word Church when the schoolchildren would process with their flowers to lay at the beautiful statue of the Blessed mother there in the church.

When I saw this afternoon, on EWTN, coverage of the canonization Mass and remembered these were siblings, in Portugal, something in me melted.  Not to the extent you might think, but I had decided not to send my brother the DNA results but in a split second, I decided to email them, and Uncle Joe’s obituary.  My subject line was:  Personal to Tim:  DNA.  I refrained from asking things like, How’s Life in Nazi Germany, if you get my drift…just said what I had to say, mentioned the double-sided Iberian peninsula genetic whammy.  Don’t expect a response, #1, blocked any hateful emails anyway from my #1 fan, Frau Frois; but thinking in retrospect about this and Uncle Joe, how many hateful, jealous and possessive catty females have ruined family relationship with their petty ways?  Frankly, I think they should all be kicked to the curb.

Today, the little blue outdoor lights I ordered arrived, and I plan that starting this month, the month of Memorial Day, through July 4 through Labor Day, to keep red, white and blue lights on at night on the back porch.  And speaking of July 4, I had taped the movie, “Independence Day,” something I’ve seen many times, but when I’m in the mood to watch something it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time enjoyment wise.  Watched it this afternoon before Mass and completely relaxed and completely enjoyed it.

Found a divine new recipe:  Twiced baked cauliflower.  Yum.  Will expound later.

Pray for us dear Sts. Francisco and Jacinta.  They died in the flu pandemic of 1918.  Daddy also lost a brother to that the same year.