Former FBI Director James Comey should have been fired long ago.

Unlike the hysterical liberals, including rude Anderson Cooper who rolled his eyes derisively during an interview with Kellyanne Conway, (where is the respect for women, that just goes to the like of Rachel Maddow and the other liberals?), I don’t think Trump fired him because of the ridiculous Russian investigation.  For one thing, AG Sessions recused himself from anything connected to the investigation.  The drag-their-feet, angry Democrats in Congress have dragged their feet on confirming Trump’s cabinet for months, so it wasn’t until last month that the AG’s office was finally fully staffed and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was confirmed.  It was on his recommendation, letter attached as to the reasons why, that Trump canned Comey.  Who deserved it since last July and for reasons covered in this letter.  I once posted on here months ago that I felt Comey’s days were numbered once Trump got into office.  His behavior during the Congressional hearings last week had me wondering if the role of the FBI had somehow been rewritten.

So, for all those who want to hate Trump just because he won and their candidate lost, who are dying to get him impeached for nothing, please read the attached link that includes Trump’s letter to Comey, Sessions’ letter to Trump, and Rosenstein’s memo to Session recommending that Comey should go.  He’s 100% right.

On another subject, did you see the moon last night?  The sky was blue indigo velvet, the moon a glowing platinum disc, and just on the Eastern horizon, a huge star twinkled constantly, and it seemed the colors of it went from pure gold to deep burgundy at its edge.  Heavenly!