I am so damned mad I could spit nails.

We were notified by management this week that electricians would be coming in during the week to change electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathroom only.  The electricians are not the regular maintenance crew here that I like and trust completely.

I always leave the house in the morning by locking the deadbolt but not the doorknob lock.  Therefore, when I come home if the latter is locked, I know a maintenance request has been filled or Pied Piper has come.  Today, the doorknob was locked so I figured the electricians came today.

Now, this morning, because this is a crew I don’t know, I did two things:  I closed my bedroom door not wanting them to go in, the breaker box is in the hall closet, so there’s no need, and I don’t like stranger using my bathroom when I’m not there so I put the lid down on the toilet.

Well, not only was the lid up when I came in, nothing has been done on the outlets, and my bedroom door was wide open.  Additionally, when I leave the house in the morning, I always have the news tuned to FOX when I turn the television off and that’s the first station that comes on when I return home at night.  When I turned the television on, it was on an entirely different channel.  I’m so furious and feel violated.  I left a message at the office telling them what happened, how mad I am about it, and that I didn’t want them back in my apartment.   I mean I am really, really mad about this to fury.