Very sadly, I learned yesterday that Uncle Joe died the day after Easter.  I couldn’t sleep last night very well because of it, and it’s made me so sad this morning.  So many emotions flowed into me this morning, memories, and I realized the most profound thing I could say about him out loud was simply, “I love you Uncle Joe.”

If ever there was someone who could personify the fun of a summer vacation, it was Uncle Joe.  He was good-hearted, fun loving, could tell stories that made you laugh until you cried and he always only seemed to want the good for everybody.  He was fishing on a lazy lake, cookouts, boat rides, football games, a go-getter, country music, he cried when poor little Louie, the treasured pooch was killed, just someone who lived well and dealt well with life.  He had a Mississippi accent you could cut with a butter knife, and the things he would tell Aunt Cal would have you in stitches.  So, I’m  thinking about him with a grateful heart.  Rest in peace, Uncle Joe, thank you for so many wonderful times.  Your high spirits and energy were a force that kept so many people in your family centered and happy. You lived a long, long time, and I know you lived fully the entire time you were here. We had a lot of fun together, and I’m so glad you loved my meatloaf! Thank you, and God bless you.  Posting this song for you.  Remember when we sang, “Jolene” together?