So sweet to arise to another beautiful, soft May day.  Overslept to 4:40 AM this morning!  Drank my coffee looking at a taped, “The Dead Files,” and I was pleasantly surprised to notice that, at 5:34 AM, according to the receiver, the sky outside was fading from indigo-black to a softening Royal blue…and the horizon was getting rosy.  Of course I got excited as I love to sit with coffee and watch the sun rise, but had to remember that in a month or so the longer days will bring broiling heat.  But, oddly enough, I’m looking forward to this summer.  I really am.  The house is open to fresh air and beautiful birdsong.  Crows this morning were raucous.

Haven’t been able to do my power walks because of my back so this morning I decided I was just going to take a nature walk of sorts, not so much to power walk but just to wander and smell the roses.  The gardens here are so sweet and so I headed out a little after seven.  And still it was a bit of a brisk pace.  Wound up at the gym and worked the elliptical for five minutes and I felt my lower back loosening up.  All total, moved and exercised for forty-five minutes and already I feel the difference.  So, I’m going to start slowly as I did this morning, and keep this up.

I watched the Kentucky Derby yesterday and I wasn’t surprised Always Dreaming won because the moment I first heard his name before they said he was the favorite earlier this week, I felt a psychic jangle.  And I swear, that horse knew he had won!  So, that put me in the mood to watch, “Secretariat” last night.  That movie makes me so happy and makes me cry, and how well I remember that  big boy and his incredible run.  And he was a ham, I remember my brother telling me back then that he always knew when he was being photographed and posed.  In the movie last night, after his first winning race in the winner’s circle, a reporter asked another one, “is it me, or is that horse posing?”  What a character he was.  And my brother met him not long before he passed away in Kentucky, and they gave him some of his mane and tail–it was bronze red.  Good old Big Red.

As I write I have been sipping such a divine cocktail–two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of turmeric in 16 ounces of icy water.  Yum.