Today has been an exquisitely peaceful day, of deep, quiet joy.  Peace, plain peace.  Yesterday, since I already have enough groceries for the week, stopped at Langenstein’s just to get things for a pot of red beans and a few other things, so today, no need to run errands.  Awakened very, very early and was ready for coffee and so pleased to see that TCM was going to show one of my favorite movies at  5AM, “Saratoga Trunk,” which of course I watched all through the sunrise and dawning day.  Just before it came on, washed my hair, got that out of the way, and after the movie did some housework touch-ups–been staying on top of it so there hasn’t been a whole lot to do at once.  It’s dazzling and cool and the windows are all open all morning long and the birds outdid themselves with song.

So, now I am sweating some onions down with low sodium bacon preparing for the beans.  Before all the cooking started I watched a movie called, “Miracles from Heaven,” a true story, and I cried a few times during the story.  Very moving, touching and beautiful.

Have to run and see about ‘dem beans.  The smell of onions sauteeing with bacon is filling the house with tres parfum.