Simply, I just love this song so much, much, much, much.

I honestly don’t think I can change pronouncing my last name to:  Fro-EEs.  My family has said Froyce for many years, but somewhere along the way, I became FWAH, and no one will say otherwise.  I guess that’s fitting for someone who is an outcast from her family.  I find it oddly refreshing.  Like Suellen Brock becoming Cassandra Nightingale..

But, been dreaming about my brother every night for a week.  Not going to share this DNA with him.  For starters, I learned that siblings can have a different DNA reading depending on what traits they pick up from their parents.  I might have more Iberian and he might have something more than that.  It looks like I picked up much of my father’s side, and truth to tell, everyone has said my personality, build and outlook is a lot like my father’s.  Even my brother once said that!  Oh, without conjuring any unrestful spirits, how I hope these Iberians, Scandinavians, West and East Asians, and North Africans, speak to me in dreams tonight!