I am remembering how, about ten years ago, I wanted to talk so badly to Daddy about his experiences as a Detective on Mardi Gras, how I wanted to know so much more about his side of the family, and a few days later, the skeleton costume and the skeleton stories about Mardi Gras day popped up AND getting an unexpected email from an ancestry site that began pointing me to the history of the Frois family.  Then, surprising me, Portugal seemed the epicenter, Luis  Frois, going to Japan as a Jesuit priest (Oh, Louis!  How did the Frois’ get a bloodline from Japan?)  He took the name Luis as a priest but he was really Polycarpo.  Myself wondering if somehow there was a link to Japan then that caused Nevus of Ota on my face…the derm doctor telling me when I was 20—oh that usually just happens to Japanese people–the Frois who explored with Magellan and Vasco De Gama when Portugal was a world power, and the fact they had been Jews who converted at the time of the Spanish Inquisition.  Israel is part of Western Asia.  But what floored me was Scandinavia.  I told some of my friends here this morning about all of this, adding how surprised I was at the Scandinavia thing, and they said, no, not all–look how tall you are!  I wonder?

So, the point of my post here is to just marvel how my father seemed to answer me in so many ways that morning when, with all my heart, I told him how badly I wished I could talk to him with so many questions.