First, let me say I am typing post eye dilation so bear with me.  Terrible weather moved in this afternoon as I was driving to the doctor, and of course, the worst of it seemed to hit the minute I pulled into the parking lot; got half drenched.

Bottom line:  I have some macular wrinkling probably caused by all the retinal repair back in 1992.  Cataracts are no worse; he gave me a prescription drop solution because he said my eyes were very dry and that’s very true.  Overall, everything’s okie dokie.  Huge sigh of relief.

Can’t tell you how bright and warm and cozy my kitchen looked when I got home a few minutes ago.  It’s still raining and storming in the distance; rather chilly, and I’m going to put on my flannel buffalo plaid PH bottoms after I freshen up.  You know, Brie is my favorite cheese, which surprises even me when I think of how I love full bodied chizzes, but I haven’t had any nearly six years ago because of the strokes.  However, yesterday, I decided to stop at Canseco’s for Pinot Grigio and Brie.  I toasted some pistolettes slices that I also buttered and smeared Brie on these.  God, it was wonderful!

It’s going to be a rainy, stormy evening.  And everything is cozy and bright, but lacks one thing.