Although I was never a stark raving mad Harry Potter fan, i.e., wasn’t one of the adults glued to the books, never read one, I did enjoy the movie series.  But my favorite of all remains, and proved again upon watching it this past Saturday, “The Prisoner of Azkaban.”  Something Wicked This Way Comes.  The Dementors.  Sirius Black, Professor Lupin. Full Moons, etc.  Which reminded me of a crazy song I loved back in the seventies, and just had to post it here.  I love werewolf stories.  My brother, as a boy, used to have recurring dreams about gray wolves that never frightened him, but he dreamed of them often.  I later read that Native Americans believe seeing wolves in a dream are in reality the spirits of the dead coming to visit you.  Never got to tell my brother that, and  as he believes I am in need of an exorcism, never will.

Do you remember, “To Dance With the White Dog?”  I think if I go before you, I will come to you as a white dog also.  Not a fluffy fuzz bucket like Earl, but a white dog who will dance with you and snuggle against you while you sleep at night.