First, I have to mention how like a bower my little apartment nestles in, surrounded by spring greenery in my little neighborhood, scarlet trumpet vine wrapping around the palm tree; the palm trees filling in with full fronds, the four o’clocks blooming golden, fuchsia bougainvilli, Mary Lynn’s lemon tree filling with green little balls, rose red climbing roses, white ginger blooming and Easter lilies bobbing in the wind; gardenias surrounded by purple flowers like the Resurrection–my own coral geranium and orchid colored periwinkles on the front porch; the marigolds, red petunias, blooming lavender, purple and gold pansies, fuchsia geranium on the back porch glowing against the vibrant blue chair…it’s been lovely  all around and I love it.

Now, the yellow thread.  It has also come out in the news that Landrieu’s intrepid monument removal team in the dead of Sunday night into Monday morning not only wore combat helmets, bullet proof vest but also MASKS!  Now, here’s the corker:  Even the African American groups who protested so much to have the monuments removed have called Landrieu a coward for the way he removed them, i.e., the aforementioned unannounced, dead of night, bullet proof vests, helmets and masks.  They have called him out for a coward along with the preservationists who wanted them to remain.  Additionally, an Assistant Professor of history at Tulane was interviewed and his incredulity could not be concealed.  He stated what Landrieu was completely unprecedented–removing monuments to begin with was unprecedented, but to have them removed in the manner that was carried out was completely unheard of and unprecedented.  What a fool this mayor is, and what a yellow coward.  I hope that Jefferson Parish takes possession of the monuments where they will be erected with a reverence towards history and the past, and offer teaching venues.  As it is, the entrance to City Park will be ruined with the removal of the equestrian statue; can’t wait to see what Landrieu is going to replace that one with–have a feeling this is going to start a cycle of events that will only act against Landrieu and cause him a down spiral of trouble.  I once had the same feeling about Edwin Edwards when he ignored the brutality of animal experiments at LSU Medical School back in the 80’s.  And see what happened to him.