Just like the coward that he is, New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu had the first of four Confederate monuments in the city dismantled in the middle of the night.  The Liberty Monument, which I agree is objectionable, without announcement, was dismantled in the dead of night with contractors wearing helmets and bullet-proof vests.  It is such the coward’s way of doing things, just like the cowardly way Landrieu caved into his base to get these removed.  The rest of the monuments, truly beautiful creations, Jeff Davis, Beauregard and Robert E. Lee are slated to come down “very soon” according to Landrieu, no doubt again under the stealth of night.

At least when Nikki Haley removed the Confederate flag from the state capitol in Columbia, she did so with a respectful ceremony that paid tribute to the heritage and history of the state, not this disrespect and stealth being shown by Landrieu.  You know, I am struck by the sheer ignorance of this move, the absolute enabling sheer ignorance.  This could have been such a venue for learning and preservation–look at Richmond’s monument way, Gettysburg, Antietam–but this–pure cowardice, ignorance, and political pandering.  Even Marc Morial, an African American mayor in the 90’s, refused to take these monuments down because he felt there were greater, more pressing issues to deal with, and that, “Robert E. Lee was not an evil man.”  Leave it to Mayor Light Bulb Landrieu.  Beyond disgusting.