Yesterday was truly a treasure and gift from God.  The wind continued all day long and into the night and by nighttime, a strong North wind was blowing through my kitchen window and the opened storm door window.  My Sunday dinner was delicious; the roast with the wine jus were perfect, and the cabbage steaks incredible.  Another wonderful night’s sleep, another beautiful day and I still feel much, much better.  Dr. Dash described yesterday as, “San Francisco weather,” and it was like California on a winter’s day, you know, the preacher liked the cold, he knows I’m going to stay, California dreaming’ on such a winter’s day…(couldn’t resist).

Two weeks ago pre illness, something made me buy a 64-count box of Binney and Smith crayons that I have kept on the table beside my recliner that holds various and sundry needy things to keep at hand.  I kept wanting to sketch something but didn’t have a sketch book–so I bought one this weekend and am keeping it there also.  Might just want to doodle, don’t know, but it was fun.  Do you have a favorite crayon color?  I remember when I got into so much trouble in first grade for coloring the mimeographed duck blue green and my stupid teacher called my mother outraged because, “all ducks are yellow.”  Must have hallucinated those teals flying over the marsh that morning Daddy took all of us crabbing; and loving the little duck enough to give it one of my favorite colors!