Felt well enough this morning, Glory Hallelujah, to go to work.  Still a little congestion and a bit of a cough, but not sick as a dog.  It feel nice to be back in the swing of things somewhat although I’m not going to go crazy at things, but pace myself.  Had to laugh this morning at Tiffany who fusses and fusses and reminds me in such a good way of my favorite avatar and I mean that in the best of ways…she said to me this morning, How you feeling, Jeanne?  Better, I replied.  That set her off:  Girl, what’s wrong with you.  You know you’re no spring chicken anymore, why didn’t you haul your butt to a doctor!?  Girl, you better not mess with that, I’m telling you…”  I love Tiffany.  I suppose she is right but you know when you’re too tired and sick to haul your butt to a doctor, write a co-payment check of$50.00, brace yourself for prescriptions…etc.  Try living alone and being sick; it’s a damned bummer, especially when your neighbors are elderly, frail, and one has a very sick husband and by nature you just don’t want to ask anyone for anything.