Planned to go to work this morning, but I’m still not quite ready.  Only third day of the ZPAK, and although the symptoms have improved, still tired and weak and I’m afraid to push it.  I will go in tomorrow.  Gross Out Warning:  But a good sign, I’m thinking:  blew my congested nose this morning and got a tissue full of blood.  No wonder I’ve been sick as a dog.  ZPAK is clearing all of that stuff up.  Went back through some of my previous postings on there the past three years and found a common denominator:  in April each year, consistent themes:  ZPAKS, raw throats, sick, congested, pneumonia, respiratory, this year being no different.

So, home bound, spend the days watching movies or reading or sleeping.  Read, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” in my book of Sherlock–we had to read it in eighth or ninth grade–and I still enjoyed it.  Watched a really lovely movie from the fifties yesterday with Deborah Kerr, “The End of the Affair.”  What a sad, lovely story, but beautiful.  Graham Greene.  And I watched, “Sayonara” again last night, another lovely, lovely story, a movie that I love so much and so drives home the cheap premium put on true love in place of what’s acceptable, expected behavior.  But don’t you always just love the characters who fight on the side of true love instead of those who just coward out in favor of conformity and enter into those cluttered lives for the rest of their days?  I.E., the Brando and Buttons characters, the truth warriors.

I’m tired, going to stop now and rest.