Lacey’s ZPak seems to be kicking in a bit.  Much less coughing, sneezing, but the hoarseness still there, and the fatigue although I slept hours last night.  Had a feeling someone had a cow yesterday when they read I went into work still sick.  Not going in today, I promise.

I’ve had two cups of coffee and I’m almost ready to go back to sleep.  What a strange strain this one is for an illness.  On the subject of coffee, a surprise for me:  I haven’t enjoyed it nearly as much as I used to–the dark roasts, the French roasts, I’ve been disappointed for the longest in something that always gave me enjoyment.  So, I wondered if I should kick it down a notch now and bought Community’s Between Roast.  So what can I say–rediscovered coffee nirvana–coffee as it should taste, strong, but balanced, they’ve been messing with things so much, guess we have to look in unlikely places for what we want–I only know that the coffee I have been drinking has tasted like lye as Mom used to say, and the BR is perfect.

Facing a pleasant sort of conundrum and can’t come to a decision.  My old televisions, thank God, work beautifully, but the cable bill is through the roof, even though I only have one premiere channel.  Combined with phone, internet and TV, it is the highest of my household expenses and the bulk of it goes for TV.  I have been kicking around the idea of buying a SMARTTV for the living room, and later one for the bedroom, where I can just select what I want via Netflix, Roku, Hulu, whatever, for an almost 90% cut in cost.  The costs of buying the TV’s would pay for themselves in probably what I pay for cable in just a few months.  Seems like the perfect solution, but, can you believe, this is what makes me hesitate:  The only place I could put the new TV would be atop the old one and I would miss the flowered ginger jar lamp that’s been there forever, the Delft pot with the beautiful peace lily that now, in time for Easter, has three gorgeous blooms, and some of the family pictures.  If I were to hang it on the wall next to all that, I would have to remove the watercolor I made for Mom just before she died.  Any suggestions?  Other walls in the living room won’t do because the light from the windows would cause glare in the screen and I can’t bear to be in a closed up room.

On the subject of decor, after painting the stereo that gorgeous red, and I am now looking for black Chinese themed hardware to replace the knobs, I held the paint chip for the coffee tables up against all the new color, that mellow yellow gold and realized it would be too much pop combined with the coffee table and the stereo, and that the present wood stain balances and grounds all of it out perfectly, so I won’t paint the end tables.

Okay, fading now and will close.