Went into work this morning still sick, took care of some things and left an hour and a half later.  Lacey is going to phone in a ZPak for me, sweet, sweet girl.  Found that family members of some of my coworkers have been down for a week the same as me with the exact same symptoms.  Told Lacey all I want to do is sleep and she basically said, go for it.  Stopped at Canseco’s on the way home for more Kleenex and ice cream.  I haven’t enjoyed this spring as much as others.

Yesterday afternoon fell sound asleep in the recliner with Sherlock Holmes over my face, so deep a sleep couldn’t remember where I was when I woke up.  Was going to write more, but I’m getting tired, but I’ll try.   The guest programmer for TCM last night was William Daniels.  Always liked him, always found him kind of cute and loved him as John Adams in “1776.”  He’s quite gray now, and I don’t know if it was hubris or not, but he chose, “1776” as one of his movies.  He didn’t seem stuck up, so I’ll just say I’m grateful because I missed it last July 4th and watched it for the 50th time last night and kept marvelling at the extremely wonderful singing, solo, chorus, parts…just excellent, talented, talented crew.  Makes me sad that Ken Howard, so handsome as Thomas Jefferson, has gone to his reward…I remember when he addressed someone as “Mr. President.”  Always loved him in 1776; actually loved all of them, even the dude who played stuck-up John Dickinson.  But I feel asleep just before they passed the resolution for Independence.  I found out that the story in All This, and Heaven Too is based on a true story, a true scandal and there really was an Henriette Desportes and a Duc du Praslin.  I saw his picture, and you know, Charles Boyer really resembled him.  “Gaslight” is on this afternoon, and since I’ve been in gaslit (no word, I know) London mood, might watch it.

I have also been watching that FX series:  “Feud: Bette and Joan.”  I can say with all certainly that even as a child I could not stand Joan Crawford–Jesus, those eyebrows–and at the time “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” was released I marvelled that they had cast two of what I had considered the ugliest women I had ever seen together in a movie.  I saw that movie one summer when I was nine with Tim and Russ; they loved it, I found it disturbing in a claustrophobic sort of way and when I saw it later still had mixed feelings.  It’s coming on this afternoon so maybe I need to view from my now mature standpoint.  However, in this series, I am most impressed by Susan Sarandon who is doing a bang-up job playing Davis.  Jessica Lange must be doing a great job as Crawford because as in life, I absolutely can’t stand her.  What a mother dog she was.  It had surprised me when I got older and saw Bette Davis in her early movies just how pretty and delicate she was, such as Jezebel, Now, Voyager.  I know Crawford was considered a beauty but I could never see it except when she was extremely young and even then, ew.  Didn’t like her.  This is a good series, dark, but  I like it.  Concludes Sunday night.  Amazing, Crawford on the set of Baby Jane is concerned with looking glamorous, and Davis just shows what a true character actress she was.  What a sick process the old Hollywood studio system was–Alfred Molina plays Robert Aldrich and he’s also doing a wonderful job.

I’m either going to watch the end of 1776, have tea with Sherlock, or just nod off until Gaslight is on at 12:30 on TCM.  Driving home today along Metairie Road, thinking I haven’t enjoyed this spring as much, hear that Voice telling May would be a happy month.  Damn, wish I could dive into a pile of boiled crawfish and crabs–those were the days!