Thought I would try to go to work but couldn’t.  Not quite there.

It’s raining, thank God, a good soaking rain, and I heard thunder.  Felt better enough to put on a pot of chicken soup, with rosemary, bacon, potatoes, carrots celery, stock and white wine.  Simmering now.

I must start to cry more–after my last post, felt the kindness of someone stroking my cheek and I burst into tears for everything mentioned and after everything felt much better as it usually does.  Watched Ben-Hur, still remains my favorite movie or in the upper five, and it never seems like Easter if I don’t watch it.  It seems I watched enough Easter stories and heard enough Roman fanfares to echo in my mind for days.  Last night, one of my favorites, “The Robe,” felt I wasn’t watching it alone and that made me so glad if I was right.  I’m glad it’s finally raining, wow, now it’s a downpour just like summer, and again, I’m glad.

Getting tired, more later or tomorrow.