Before I sign off let me mention there are certain party scenes in movies I never tire of seeing, especially the Art Students’ ball in an, “An American in Paris.”  That’s pretty wild in a fun, decent sort of way-keep remembering that chick jumping off the balcony to be caught by men several feet below.  So, been reading a bit about the notorious Chelsea Arts Club parties of the forties and fifties…fascinating.  Almost looks like an indoor Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras day, as though Louis Armstrong would be playing a belting trumpet or something.  Hope you did nothing my least favorite director, and you know who she is, would approve of.  Interest is getting more and more piqued the more I learn of this latest project.  Really am.

I’ve coughed so much my ribs hurt.  This had better not go into pneumonia again.  I was sick over Easter three years ago.  Knew I should not have missed the blessing of the throats on this past St. Blaise feast day!