This has been a gloriously beautiful weekend.  Bright, cool, sunny, blue; my back porch smells like marigolds, lavender and the Tuscan Blue rosemary I bought.  Yesterday awakened on a mission and painted the stereo the heirloom red color; it came out beautifully.  The red with the bamboo speakers is perfect; it brightens up the corner where I had it next to the recliner and the only thing I’ve placed on it and will place on it is a slender reading lamp with a red lamp shade.  I’m glad I did it; once I put a varnish on it, it just may look a lot like Chinese lacquer.

Yesterday, we read the Passion at the Palm Sunday vigil, and I got new palms.  Jan from choir invited me over to her new house for wine Tuesday night after choir practice that I don’t dare miss because it will be Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil practice all in one.  It should be fun, I like Jan and I suppose we laugh far too much together in Church before Mass starts.  Laid my head on someone’s shoulder as I walked up to receive Communion.

Got out of the house early this morning, a little after seven, drove along the River Road to the Super Walmart for candles, paper products, water and other staples. Bought a light weight vacuum cleaner in the hopes I can manage better than the other one which is also killing my back.  Stopped at Joe W’s for a few things, came home and just finished pan broiling two lean sirloins in red wine and portobello mushroomies; roasting some veggie kabobs now; portos, red and green peppers, yellow squash, red onion and zucchin

I’m not hungry yet, surprising for me, but I think I will have a chilled glass of Chardonnay with a twist of Italian bread just to tide me over.

Two more suggested episodes to watch  of , “Bonanza.”  “Between Heaven and Earth,” and extremely HIGHLY recommended, “Shanklin.”

Yesterday after painting the stereo, not wanting to hurry errands, I pulled up a movie I had taped, one of my favorites ever, “All This, and Heaven Too.”  It was like watching it for the first time.  I adore that movie, the story, and yes, I still cried at the end, and how I adore Charles Boyer.  And kudoes to Barbara O’Neal for playing his nutcase wife.  Every time she pelted him with her hysterical questions, “Why, Theo, why, Thei,” I kept responding in a Spanish accent, “Because you’re cr-r-r-r-razeeeeeee!

Speaking of Spanish:  or in this case, Cuban, my heroine!  Sylvia, whom I knew way back at Children’s Hospital, and who was a championship swimmer and who loves the pool as much as I is now a heroine in my eyes.  I saw her walking by the pool when I was returning from Mass and stopped the car to see how she’s been. Now, it’s been in the fifties here the last few days.  She told me that someone had put a newborn puppy in one of the pools and he almost drowned-she saw, immediately got into her swimsuit, dove into the cold water and saved him.  Now Sylvia has to be in her mid to late seventies.  But all that swimming has her in great shape!  The man who cleans the pool adopted the pooch and took him home.  God bless Sylvia!