Neil Gorsuch was confirmed for the Supreme Court today.  Of course the Republicans had to use the nuclear option in the face of the petty democratic denial of an excellent judge.  Harry Reid’s little dance came back to bite them on their jackasses.  Thanks be to God, a conservative judge on the Supreme Court.  And thank God Trump retaliated against Syria for those atrocities committed this week against innocents.  No red line, then backing off, like Obama.  In 2013, Obama drew his red line and then suddenly changed plans to attack for the dreadful gassing  then, wanting to wait for Congress that was out of session.  Since when?  Look what he and Clinton did in Libya without Congress.  And then blamed the Republicans for not backing him as a reason to not retaliate against Syria when he didn’t even need Congress to do so.

This attack against the Syria airbase was long overdue.  Wonder how the liberals are eyeing that Trump and Russia collusion thing now?  Kerry said there were no WMD’s in Syria, Rice, the Liar, praised the status of that nation, everything was cool and and wonderful.  And look at that Daughter of the South, Nikki Haley, sticking it to the UN on this atrocity, especially Bolivia, Syria and Russia.  Fire from the UK as well.  Someone said, Amazing courage today at the UN–what happened, and I replied, The Republicans were voted into office, that’s what happened.