There’s a Country and Western song somewhere in the title of this post. Yesterday, after arriving home, pureed some of the black beans strained from the soup and made tortillas.  Yum-Oh.  I didn’t light the votive last night, but I slept well, only not as well as the night before, and awakened at 1:45.  Sleep did not return, so I arose realizing I was hungry, and there in the middle of the night, I had a small warm bowl of rice and the pureed beans.  How’s that for a midnight snack?  Cooked a little more later in the early morning, and sat back in the recliner under E.Q. at 5:15 and Lordy, fell sound asleep until nearly 6:45–the grand rush to put on make-up, comb hair, get dressed and get going was in full sway.  I am definitely living crazy hours.  We have choir practice tonight to get ready for the Easter services–gracious, Palm Sunday is this weekend…but I don’t think my late hours are going to let me make it.  We’ll see.


Been tossing’ and turnin’

All this windy night,

My teddy bear’s sleepin’

So I guess he feels all right

I got a hunger in my tums

A’int goin’ away till I yum

Oh, Lordy get me some

Of Those Midnight Beans.



Midnight beans, midnight beans

Two bowls won’t make you lean

But buddy, they’ll fill your dreams

Midnight bean, Midnight beans, Midnight beans.