The song is finished.  Move over, Will Shakespeare!


Been tossing’ and turnin’

All this windy night,

My teddy bear’s sleepin’

So I guess he feels all right

I got a hunger in my tums

A’int goin’ away till I yum

Oh, Lordy get me some

Of Those Midnight Beans.


Midnight beans, midnight beans

Two bowls won’t make you lean

But buddy, they’ll fill your dreams

Midnight bean, Midnight beans, Midnight beans.


Got my quilt that I shared with my dog Earl

Now Earl’s fur was just as white as a pearl

In the La-Z-Boy I did lean

Watched “Bonanza” and ate my beans,

Midnight beans, Midnight beans, Midnight beans.


Dreamed Little Joe came and carried me away

To his home on the Ponderosa-ai-ay,

Hop Sing gave me a cup

And with the Cartwrights I did sup

On Midnight beans, midnight beans, midnight beans.