This was one piece of music watching the tribute to John Williams during the Twister Fest that was blocked out of sound.  I found in on YouTube and it’s so beautiful.  Alas, a somewhat cynical note on my part, and tch-tch at me if you must, but when this piece began to play in the concert hall, when it reached the vocals, suddenly there streamed from all exits and stairways onto the stage, a host of children, all dressed alike singing the chorus.  All cameras swung onto the exits and the children making their way to the stage.  Do you know I have always found this a nauseatingly, saccharine device used in children’s choruses?  As if a collective, Awwwwwww, is expected from everyone.

Nevertheless, as Katherine Hepburn said in, “The African Queen,” this is a beautiful piece of music, and when I read the scene it accompanied, it, as Cora said, stirred my blood.  I really must see this movie soon.  Puts me in the mood to see, “Zulu.”

Have a listen, Ducky.