Yesterday, after I finished cooking, and watching the Weather Channel for a while as the awful weather moved into Central Louisiana spawning, twisters, I settled under Earl’s quilt wit, “Stitches in Time.”  A good book.  I finished it last evening close to 9 PM, and got into bed after blessing the house and left the Weather Channel on in my room just in case. The bad weather was supposed to hit us overnight and I thought I’d be up all night, but, as was Mom’s old habit whenever there was a thunderstorm from the time I was a little girl, I lit a blessed votive candle in a red glass, set it in a pan of water in my room with the intent to let it burn all night for protection.  As I said, thought I would be up all night, but I got so drowsy, so beautifully, peacefully drowsy that I feel into a sound, delicious sleep before 10 PM.  Slept the night through except for occasionally awakening to the sound of thunder, or rain hitting my window like pebbles being thrown against it.  But, it was a blissful night’s sleep, and when I awakened early this morning, I wondered if the blessed candle had anything to do with it.  Getting up before 4AM, watched the weather, but decided to turn to WYES, our local PBS station as they were broadcasting a tribute to John Williams, his music being conducted by a symphony orchestra.  It was so gorgeous, but as the line of storms drew nearer, all of the music was drowned out as one twister after another dropped down and emergency alarm buzzers and alerts took over the telly repeatedly.  One dropped down in Metairie, about a mile from me, but I had no ill effects at all.

Anyway, my bedroom this morning felt as though it radiated peace with the light from the candle.