Yesterday was such an exquisite day from start to finish.  I love April, I really love April.  Mass was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful; came home and in the evening sat on the back porch for the longest under a gorgeous crescent moon and a sweet spring breeze.  On my way to Mass yesterday, stopped at the Old Metairie Library and picked up a hold:  I finally found the last of the Georgetown Trilogy by Barbara Michaels, “Stitches in Time.:  But I was guided to find three other books I can’t wait to start after stitches, and all take place in Gaslit London, otherwise known as, “G.L.”    “The Yard,” with an inspector by the last name of Day, new to the Murder Squad at Scotland Backyard;; “The Curse of the House of Foskett,” replete with a Baroness Foskett, somewhere I am sure this is a throwback to this somewhere to Count Fosco; and, a real treat, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”  Lost my Holmes collection years ago–last night couldn’t help but get engrossed in, “A Scandal in Bohemia.”  Doyle was a mighty fine writer!

Cooking a pot of black bean soup; roasted some beautiful thick, tender, lean country pork ribs in my own glaze; made homemade pesto using Lidia’s recipe but wished I had used cashews instead of walnuts because I don’t like the flavor the walnuts added–however, all is not lost. I had half a jar of store bought pesto in the fridge and just combined the two and it’s pretty delicious.  Can’t believe next week is Holy Week!  I love this time of year, and have said in recent years Easter has become my favorite holiday, even over Christmas and Halloween, which are both amazing.  But funny, as I can’t resist personality tests, I took one to identify, What Holiday Are You?  And no, I didn’t score Halloween–I am Easter!

It’s been hot enough to swim, planned to do that this morning but it’s threatening rain.  Bad weather in Texas is making its way here with tornadoes expected in Texas and parts of Louisiana.  It’s going to hit here during the night.  Going to bless the house and prayed already for those who will be in the worst of it.  Seems tornado like weather always hits in Easter season on a Sunday.  During the freeze I lost the bougainvillea, it’s now just a bunch of thorny sticks in the pot that I tried to pull out this morning and was rewarded with three stab marks on my thumb and fingers that bled.  Made me think of Christ being crowned with thorns and I had to push that thought away and just thank Him.