Just  gotta love these guys.  Aunt Cal would have loved this song.


Had the news on Fox this morning running around to get ready for errands, and I heard a report that the White House confirmed the reality of UFO’s and was reporting on it now.  Ran to the living room a little stunned.  April Food gotcha; it was a trick.  Good one, I have to say.

Getting ready shortly for Mass.  It’s been beautiful, exquisite spring weather.  Went to Perino’s relishing the morning, bought a salmon colored geranium; sweet basil, two gorgeous lavender plants, Kentucky mint (just smells like a mint julep); and periwinkles.  It was so beautiful yesterday evening, after work, just sat on the back porch sipping something potable and soaking in the sun and fresh air.

Remembered that I have several music stations with the Cox cable package, so I’ve been listening to Classic Country all afternoon.  Good to have the house filled with music once again.