I watched this episode of, “Bonanza” last night, and I promise not to turn this into a Ponderosa website, but this was so incredibly beautiful I have to post it.  If the YouTube spiffy spotty stuff doesn’t allow it, please google Bonanza, “Blessed Are They.”  Since this show eventually was broadcast on Sunday nights, I’m sure this was an Easter Sunday episode.  I can’t imagine the wasteland of television broadcasting that has become NBC today would ever televise a story such as this–maybe INSP, or Hallmark, but sad to say, this beauty is probably long gone from network televisions.  This also underscores why I love the Cartwright men.  I know they’re fictional characters, but the scenes of all these men with the children, and in this case, especially, Adam, just leaves me to believe they had to have a lot of the Cartwrights in them, or they brought what was in themselves to the Cartwrights.  One of the prettiest stories I’ve seen–and somehow missed it back then, but if it was Easter Sunday, we were probably watching a biblical movie instead.  Please watch as soon as you can.