If you ever have some time to kill and access to these Bonanza episodes, I recommend them for viewing. Asterisked are highly recommended.

  •  Terror at 2:00  *
  •  The Grand Swing  *
  • Fallen Woman*
  •  The Love Child*
  • The Silent Killers*
  • The Strange One
  • Any Friend of Walter’s*
  • Walter and the Outlaws*
  • Something Hurt, Something Wild
  • The Gentleman from New Orleans*
  • Pride of a Man
  • Twilight for One*
  • Forever, Parts I and II****
  • Kingdom of Fear
  • The Gamble
  • A Time to Die
  • Springtime*
  • The Lady from Baltimore*
  • The Storm**
  • Look to the Stars***
  • The Crucible
  • To Bloom for Thee*
  • The Wish**
  • The Bridegroom*
  • The Lonely House*

The Gentleman from New Orleans is about a visit an elderly Jean Lafitte pays to Virginia City and befriends Hoss.  John Dehner did a great job playing Lafitte.  Four of the most moving of these episodes, i.e., The Wish; Fallen Woman, The Love Child and Forever, Parts I and II were written by Michael Landon, as was the really engrossing, Terror at 2:00.