I must have found that reboot connection in sleep last night because I feel much better today.  Thank heavens.  Although I’ve seen it before, channel surfing last evening showed me, “Shanghai Knights,” with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson was coming on at 7PM; it’s a move I like, love Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, and it was in gaslit London, so I had to watch.  It was a tonic, it relaxed me, made me laugh, great musical score, glad I watched it. I had also taped the original black and white movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” and then watched that…those old black and white movies are tonic to me; Bernard Hermann’s extraterrestrial score; the story; the setting in the fifties; I enjoyed it again all over and was ready for sleep where I hit that reboot connection.  Speaking of black and white movies, I discovered that Hop Sing, played by Victor Sen Yung, was in another favorite of mine, “The Letter,” with Bette Davis, 1940.  He played the young attorney’s assistant who delivers the incriminating letter to her lawyer, and then also escorts them both to the widow of the man she murdered.  I love Hop Sing’s meltdowns.  What struck me in my binge watching of these tales of the Comstock, again, was family.  For example, the unbridled, but good natured ribbing–a barber tells Hoss, do you want to buy a bottle of lavender water–Little Joe wears it all the time.  Hoss:  If I smelled as bad as Little Joe, I’d wear it too.  A little tribute to Hop Sing below, but in it is a scene among the brothers and father that underscores what I mean.  I remember this in my own home, but then it stopped.  I guess it doesn’t help once a gorgon marries into the family.