Nearly twenty-seven years ago, and I think you know when,  I had a spate of dreams that awakened me, but didn’t feel like dreams, but reality.  One was myself jumping over corrugated ten roofs in a barren sort of place looking for a dentist; another is one I’ve tried to find but can’t, so I will put the question to you.  I dreamed of a riverbank in London, on a beautiful spring late afternoon, almost dusk, staring down at a stone staircase that was sunken beneath the water, full of algae, wavering in water that was clear but tinged in sepia brown.  I felt it was near a place dear to you, the same neighborhood I was wandering in, in my dreams, looking for plaques on houses, not knowing what the hell I was looking for or why but it all started late April twenty-seven years ago.  Is there is staircase such as that one, is it significant, is it real, and where is it?