Promise to let the Bonanza thing go.  But, again, there were things that struck me in these episodes, and I wanted to pose this to you.  Although they lived in Nevada, the three Cartwright sons had roots East of Nevada.  Adam in New England, Hoss in the midwest, I believe, and of course, Little Joe’s roots in New Orleans.  I have to say someone connected with that series must have had strong ties to New Orleans because several episodes usually had some connection to it, but that’s for later.  What struck me was that Ben spoke of their being born in the untamed West, but all three men had been sent back East to visit and know their roots when they were in their childhood.  As I visited to know my roots; as any child should.

So , it just got me to wondering if your boys had the same important experience, and if not, it isn’t too late.  Not talking about Eire, but the riverfront life you grew up knowing.  Any of them take the tunnel under the Thames and walked to the other side, the stadium, the old haunts, the neighborhood, the memories?  Any tales about your life there, or has it all just been that corridor in Connecticut?  They need to know, you know that?  I think they’d eat it up completely.  It’s something every kid needs and cherishes.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a voyage of the intelligentsia, but mainly of the heart.