I am having flu-like symptoms, aching all over, fever, and stomach crud.  At least four people in my office have had it over the last two weeks and I sincerely hope I am not one of them and this is just a 24 hour thing.

I’m thinking of the power of true journalism, i.e., that tells worthwhile stories and how the effect they can have on people.  A few months ago I wrote for my former section, Around Louisiana, the story of how a middle school beat out two high school band powerhouses for first place in a battle of the bands competition.  One of the mothers whose child is in the band told me the school’s music department was so proud that they framed the story and placed it in the trophy case alongside all the awards they won.  I sent an adorable picture of the band posing by a statue of Louis Armstrong in Armstrong Park after they won to be included, but a picture of food was chosen instead for a separate piece in the article.  But it’s good to remember something as valuable as that.  It would have been nice if the picture had been included, especially since the framed article was put in their trophy case.  That made my day.

This morning knowing I was sick, and knowing I really needed to get a project done for my chairman, not that he’s a tyrant, he’s just the opposite, I worked on something from home and sent it to him.  Glad I did this, it would have weighed on me all day.

It’s in the 40’s today, so clear and beautiful, just lovely.  Have to admit day before yesterday that I truly enjoyed the longer daylight and lovely sunlight of DST.  Actually adjusted sleep-wise.  So, guess my grumblings over until next year.