Beginning to sound like a broken record, but…I’m tired.  Long day, crappy Daylight Savings Time.  Blecch.  My neck is stiff as a board.

But, I did enjoy yesterday so much.  My pappardelle was delicious, and I am now of the mind that I will be spoiled–Italian food has never tasted so delicious as it did with homemade pasta–it just added so much to the taste and texture.  And it is easy to make, and fun.  It was delicious with both the marinara and the broccoli puree.  I didn’t use a pizza cutter to cut them, but a knife.  I hate pizza cutters, it’s one of my things.  I know that some women use them to cut out dough for a lattice crust pie and they just come out so perfectly uniform.  I like the handcrafted look of a hand cut lattice crust made by the human hand, slightly imperfect, but oh so full of character.  Think this is going to be a telly ala en boudoir night.

As much as I abhor using nooks and pads to read books, and hate even more when I hear someone say soon there will be no printed word like books, or electronics, I’m beginning to fear my neck, vision and back problems are making it more difficult to hold a book open for the hours of book orgies I love, and harder to see, and I’m wondering if I should get one of those contraptions. I love the scent of books, the feel, look, joy of books, but gracious, the discomfort.

Will think about it.  Or maybe try to come up with an alternative, filled with ingenuity.  Almost time to go home.