Awakened in the middle of the night, will not complain about Daylight Savings Time yet, to see a lullaby rain falling.  Temp was hovering around 68 degrees–watched, The Dead Files, until 4 AM, got sleepy went back to bed and slept another two hours filled with dreams.  When I awakened it was still dark.  Arose and saw it was quarter after 6AM, black as pitch, point being the sky did not lighten until after 7 AM.  President, Trump, please abolish this abomination.

But when I awakened, it was still drizzling but the temp had dropped to the fifties, and it now hovers at 5- degrees.  Northeasterly wind, I think, is blowing, and of course the house is all open to it.

I had fun making the homemade Pappardelle–it’s gorgeous, it really is.  Breaded some veal and fried it, simmering a marinara sauce, and didn’t make pesto, but a broccoli-garlic olive oil puree in the food processor that really tastes delicious.  This took much more time than I realized–actually, it’s easy to use the food processor but cleaning it afterwards is a real mother dog.  So, furniture painting will have to wait a little while longer.  Going to watch the rest of, “Where Eagles Dare” and now relax.

The Saint Patrick’s Day parade is today along Metairie Road.  I’m sorry it’s raining for the people but I know from past experience nothing keeps a New Orleanian from a parade!  I will snuggle under Earl’s quilt, my labors being done.