Yesterday evening and into the night, it rained.  Beautiful rain, with thunder and lightning, all was cozy and peaceful.  Another beautiful evening, overcast, springlike and,

Turner is showing, “Cleopatra” at 7PM, a really rotten movie but somehow I always watch it when broadcast; after that, another one I love with Liz and Dick: “The Taming of the Shrew.”  Taping that, and finally, one I love, haven’t seen in nearly never mind how many years except to say I was around 21:  “Dr. Faustus.”  Taping that as well.  Too late, Faustus, too late.  I remember wanting to play the role of the female demon, Liz Taylor in an orange wig.

The house smell of the other half of the big roast I cut in two three weeks ago and froze cooking in the oven.  Marinated it all day in red wine, garlic and herbs.  Last night stopped in at Canseco’s for something and I was immediately assailed with the perfume of baking bread.  It was pistolettes…Mike got some for me straight from the oven, put them in a plastic bag and at our mutual consent, left the bag open so the pistos wouldn’t moisten and rot.  Divine.  Keep hearing a certain movement from the theme of, “Prince of Players”: in my mind.  Bernard Hermann.  Not exactly a soundtrack hack!