Okay, okay, okay.  This was sent me into Real Doozie Land.  I was happy for Viola Davis winning the Oscar, although I could have done without her acceptance speech.  Nevertheless, somehow, because I never turn ABC on anymore, especially the news on GMA, this crossed my path Oscar week.  There was Robin Roberts really trying for all seriousness saying, “and so we now know that Oscar winner Viola Davis suffers from a syndrome that effects a LOT OF WOMEN!”  Trying hard for sincerity, veracity, which only clued me into the fact I was about to hear a lot of BS.

Cue to Viola David apres Oscar, telling a reporter that she suffered from the all too common, all too well-known…gasp!  “Impostor’s Syndrome!”  “It’s really been a struggle, “said Davis, “because I fight constantly with the feeling that I am nothing but a fraud!”  (I am not making this up.)

Yes, this syndrome effects a lot of women.  But as far as myself, I’m thinking there are probably some people who would probably pay me to more of a fraud than I actually am!