Spent some time reading most of the posts of the last year and a half here.  Was kind of appalled at how exhausted I looked during the winter and spring of 2016 when I had those really rotten back issues for several months.  Eww.  Didn’t realize it back then at all that I looked like crap.  Seems I gravitated through constant exhaustion, how boring, but how prevalent.  Forgot that I did see the Mississippi River back in May when I attended the graduation.  It’s good to keep a journal.

Do you remember when I yelled at those two little boys throwing rocks at the ducks a few weeks ago, and I thought I would have to fend off irate parents–well, Au Cointreau.  A few days ago I looked out the back door and one of the little boys I chased off was there with an adult woman who was showing him how to FEED the ducks and geese.  A few days later, looking out, another lady was there with a little girl showing her how to feed the ducks.  So, I’m thinking that those boys probably went home and probably said some mean old crone was yelling at them across the roadway about the ducks, and instead of getting mad at me, the parents wisely decided to turn this into something constructive.