Just to let you know what a wild and crazy life I lead…I had a wonderful weekend.  Visited the hardware store three times.  Tonic, I tell you, tonic.  First, to buy the aforementioned paint.  Second, Saturday morning, and thrills, and I mean it…bought a new bucket and mop!  Something symbolic and therapeutic about that because I felt my spirits soar.  Third, after 4PM Mass, bought a pint of “Pumpkin Latte,” just in case the terra cotta didn’t do it on the stereo.  Haven’t been able to kneel or lean to clean the baseboards–do you know how depressing I find dirty baseboards to be–real spirit killers–but yesterday, I mopped with Mr. Clean Gain, the fetters of the mop hit the baseboards, the floors gleamed…nothing like a new mop and bucket to set things right.

It was overcast yesterday so I couldn’t paint on the back porch because it threatened rain, but Saturday afternoon I dragged the coffee table there, plopped down on the planks in the gorgeous spring sunshine and cool breezes, and with the pansies bobbing purple and gold, painted away.  The color didn’t come out a dark, dark blue, but a really beautiful true colonial blue, a Williamsburg sort of blue.  In the warm sun, it dried in no time and I love the way it now looks against the sofa in the living room.  I’m glad I did this, and will add a clear gloss to it this weekend.  All of this propelled me on to remove books from the living room into the Ernest Hemingway room where I will get a bookcase and turn that into the general study, in a funky, Key West sort of way.  Scrubbed the kitchen and enjoyed doing all of this housework in a spring cleaning type of thing.  My energy levels appear to be bounding now.

Made the craziest meatloaf that turned out to be so delicious.  Mixed lean ground pork with lean ground beef, and instead of bread crumbs, used corn meal as a binder with low fat milk, seasoned it with cumin, chili powder, and rested it upon sliced onion, red, and green peppers, added tomato sauce seasoned with garlic, onion, cumin and chili powder–it was a Mexican meat loaf, and brother, served on rice, it was to die for!  Once again, the food gods inspired me.  Putting a link to show you that alligator in Kevin Belton’s kitchen that I want to paint…also, if you look at this painted windows, that’s kind of the color scheme I’m going with pertaining to furniture.

Do a dollop of Daisy in a few.