Came to an executive decision that I have been deferring from for some time, and have been wanting to do for some time, but, because it involves Mom’s coffee and end tables in the living room, and the stereo, considered doing anything drastic a Sacrilège!  I’ve been in my “new” for nearly five and a half years, and am feeling the need for a change, in other words, some pop in the living room. I have crossed the Rubicon and decided to paint the stereo, end and coffee tables, starting this weekend.  Did an exhaustive internet search of paint chips, I didn’t want anything vanilla, bland, or minimalist.  The walls are pale tan, the carpet is pale tan and lately everything has seemed to me, pale tan.  So, here are the choices I have made and have already bought the paint.  After arranging chips together, and yes, I can still keep the periwinkle blue rocking chair with all of it, crazy as it sounds.  

For the coffee table, I have chosen midnight blue.  A really pretty midnight blue where you can somehow pick up on a green somewhere in its depths.  For the ends tables, a mellow, almost straw yellow, and for the stereos, a rich orangey gold terra cotta.  Now, what has happened without really planning it is this:  I have two really beautiful living room lamps on the end table that have delicate flower patterns in them with the top band being midnight blue; there are periwinkle ribbons, pale gold ribbons and flower, and some of the gold and yellow flowers deepen into that terra cotta color.  Added to that is the Wedgewood blue stripe in the blue and white sofa.  So, I brought the paint chips home last night and laid them at different points in the room, and it looked lovely.  I know this sounds rather daring, but I’m just not a pastel type of person unless it’s lavender.  I’m going to paint the coffee table first tomorrow.  The stereo is next to the midnight blue recliner and again, that color looked lovely next to the blue without being Amoco blue and orange.  I think it will be beautiful with the rattan weave of the speakers.  But I’m not going to paint over the gold, PHILCO legend at all.  Valspar-Midnight-Blue-249-6.pngValspar-Honey-Glaze-3003-2A.pngimages-7.jpeg

Last night when I was driving home after I bought the paint, the sun was beginning to set and it blew my mind:  There were streaks of clouds that were midnight blue against a Wedgwood blue sky, and other streaks of red-orange-gold and straw yellow.  Beautiful.  Took it as a sign.  I love color.  Can’t find the paint chip for the terra cotta, but it’s lovely!

Do a dollop of the daisy!