Mardi Gras Day.  Hot, I remember Mardi Gras days in the winter like this one…actually would get a sunburn!  Windy.  As a bow to the Mardi Gras tradition of Mom’s, made homemade potato salad and homemade chili, no dogs, of course, but just had a tiny bowl of chilii, yum, followed by a dogless chili hot dog and potato salad.  Tums feels really fine!  I have been solely watching the coverage on FOX 8, local branch of FOX and I have completely enjoyed it so far.  You should see the colors this year; the crowds.  Liz Reyes, on Bourbon Street, is wearing my exact crown and I have a purple wig like hers…lots of Princess Leia’s, in tribute.  They are live streaming it on their site, if anyone would care to watch.  The weather has gone to everyone’s head, and it’s really a joyous, funny celebration.