Feel it in my heart and intestinal region that I did the right thing yesterday.

Well, today I am not in my jammies and although it was another night of heavy sleep awakened with more energy.  Also testing to see if this malaise has been brought on by the additional factor of Trader Joe’s, I shopped solely at Joe W’s this morning.  I’ve eaten so many roasted vegetables this past week I can’t look at another one.  Slowly cooking a pot roast, could use the red meat and right now just want fruit and plain Greek yogurt.  Okay, didn’t mean to go on another food tangent, God, I’m obsessed.  I’ve been so cooped up for the past month, except for work, and today is so lovely, couldn’t face going home after groceries.  The back porch has been so desolate looking since I lost the periwinkles and the blue chair is retired; it’s depressing right off my living room to look out.  I lost Olivia and Sousa when they stopped making Schultz’s instant plant food.  So, instead of going home, I went to Perino’s nursery there in the spring-like breeze and sunshine and wandered around the flowers.   God, what a breath of fresh air.  I bought a nice sized pot of solid purple and solid gold pansies growing together, LSU pansies, and a beautiful fuchsia geranium.  They will be okay on the back porch until summer, and it looks so pretty out there now.  Have to find a chair.

I never thought I’d ever get to this point, but I am anxiously watching the mail for the delivery of–a broom!  Not just any broom.  The Hurricane spin broom that promises to be the deliverer of my back as sweeping is torture and bending over a dustpan is even more torture.

Yesterday afternoon forgot my problems by losing myself in the still enchanting, “A Room With a View.”  It was almost like I was watching it for the first time.  Loathed Cecil, pulled for George, and so happy that true love won the day.  A wonderful movie.

Do you know what I am going to do today?  I’m going to watch politically incorrect movies.  I am just in the mood to watch, “Gone With the Wind, ” and luckily taped it.  Four hours of Scarlett.  Four hours of watching a survivor.  Four hours of a story of the South–gasp!  Friday afternoon after I got home and got into bed, I watched a tape of, “Showboat.”   Edna Ferber wrote such wonderful stories.  I felt so miserable but when I saw the Mississippi, everything just eased in me.  All the times I’ve watched that movie, I never realized until Friday that the opening scenes were shot in Natchez.  There’s a shot of people running for the showboat down the stairs of Connelly’s Tavern, one of my favorite places there.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the Mississippi, when I was in River Ridge I was on the levee every weekend.  I have to admit I fast forwarded through some of the musical numbers; never really liked nor disliked Kathryn Grayson but sometimes her singing reminded me of Minnie Mouse; loved Ava Gardner in this, how she reminds me of Mom when young, and ooh la la, Howard Keel was really a hunk.  Good Lord, they actually used the word, “negro.”