Well, another day feeling tired and draggy.  If this keeps up, maybe I’ll see a doctor.   It’s getting old.  Started watching TBN again in the mornings.  Joyce Meyer, Andrew Wommack.  This morning Andrew Wommack surprised me as most religious people don’t like to go to this subject at all…but it is a belief I have long held.  He was talking about Psalm 91 and about having dominion over fear.  Not to be foolish and think your faith in God would allow you to pick up poisonous snakes and not get bitten, but to know we have dominion.  Psalm 91 is one of my favorite psalms and I haven’t thought about it in a long time.  But what surprised me was this…I didn’t expect to hear ghost stories.  But Wommack also mentioned the devil and that we aren’t to be afraid of him.  He told the story about how, years ago, he had rented a house that he was going to use for a religion center.  It had once been a frat house and Wommack said it was filled with demonic activity.  He said he went there one night when it was completely empty to spend the night and at 3AM  (3AM!), he awakened because something was strangling him and holding him down in the bed and no one was there.  He broke away, ran away from the house and got into his car terrified and he heard God tell him,” the only thing the devil is not afraid of is your back.”  Wommack said he told the Lord, “surely you are not telling me to go back into that house with the demons!”  Well, he went back and confronted them and rebuked them the rest of the night and drove them out.   I didn’t expect to hear this because some super religious people freak out if you even say the word demon–yet I remember Mom always saying, “I’m too good for the devil to get me!”  But I believe him because, maybe not the strangling, but that has happened to me.  Wommack said he always pictured demons to be these huge, tall, horned, fanged creature looming over him, but he said God told him they are no longer than his heel, only they have huge mouths.  In other words, in the name of God, they can be stomped out.

Well, on the other side of the spectrum,  I have to mention something I saw this morning at the traffic light by the cemeteries.  At first I had to do a double take.  Because, surely I didn’t see, dangling from the rear view mirror in the car next to me a sign with the word, “FART.”  Yet, my double take did indeed say I had seen this correctly–it was a sign that said, “A Fart is a Wish Your Butt Makes.”  Just had to share that one with you.