Special guest lecture today, special program, hit the ground running and know I’ve clocked in at least 2.5 miles alone this morning.

Don’t know what happened but it was sometime yesterday at about 4 PM when my zombie state cleared and I suddenly arose from the recliner and began shadow boxing all about the apartment.  Seriously, I did.  I do know this weekend I eliminated all dairy and all starches and ate only lean protein and organic veggies, added tahini and organic salt free nuts.  Awakened this morning with no leg pain, no back pain, I can walk normally without being in pain and I’m beginning to think my troubles are related to certain food intolerance.  Have to dash in a few…but,

I did watch, “Bridge of Spies.”  It was good, slow to start I found, but really had an excellent second half and ending.  Mark Rylance is a fine actors, but seriously, was this performance Oscar-worthy?  It made me think the rest of the nominees had turned in dog performances.  He was good, but, Oscar?  “Hollywood Homicide,” was entertaining but the chase scene at the end went on far too long.  I had taped, “The Hateful Eight,” Chinton Tarantino’s 8TH MOVIE!  God, this was BAD.  Lasted for 20 minutes and had to turn it off, it was torture.