I awakened at 3 AM this morning, made coffee, opened the blinds to the Mardi Gras lights on the back porch, covered with Earl’s quilt and saw a recording of Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday in its entirety.

I like this man.

I do not like the hysteria, lies and hate of:   CNN; MSNBC: NBC; CBS and ABC.   They have a tiger by the tail in Trump and they can’t stand it.  And they are doing a disservice to  the American people.  This press conference was like watching a boxer in a ring taking on multiple opponents who was up to it.  The only negative I will give Trump, and I think it was due to not completely hearing (as I couldn’t) or understand the question posed by the Jewish reporter who asked him about anti-Semitic attacks on synagogues; Trump misinterpreted that as an accusation that he was anti-Semitic.  But high marks on all the rest, who are really just Obama and Clinton’s shills.

This morning, Part II.

I have been exhausted this past week for a number of reasons, drained, no energy, depressed, hate feeling that way.  But this morning, crisp and cold as it is, as the sun was rising suddenly decided to go for a brisk walk as I have not done in quite a while.  Passed an older African American lady sitting on a stool, smoking a cigarette yet entranced by the beautiful apricot and rose and golden sunrise.  Azaleas are blooming, Japanese magnolias, the good crisp air invigorated me.  When I got back inside to get ready for work, I felt so much better, as I do now, and driving to work kept thinking of things that had me laughing out loud, mainly my gallery of Interesting Characters.  Point taken:  start exercising again.  Because I feel I walked off all the negativity and got my perspective back; it’s not my nature to be a couch potato, but I’m afraid that’s what I was turning into..back issues have contributed, but no mo’couch taterness.