While at Trader Joe’s I saw what might have qualified to be an addition to my gallery of Interesting Characters.  He was a man close to fifty, with a haircut that must have cost $200.00, gelled and spiked, wearing shades.  He had a black nylon zip jacket on, loose black exercise shorts, and bright blue leggings beneath with space age designs in them that clung to his legs.  But at first glance I knew he would not make it into the gallery because there was a coarseness about him, and he oozed arrogance.  Cheap.  Now, pride is okay, pride is not a disqualification.  Indeed, the Scarlet Cavalier was filled with happy pride there in his finery.  All of the dudes in the gallery were not arrogant at all, but actually rather likeable.  But this sleaze bucket will not join them although he seemed most peculiar indeed.

Know what I’m gonna do?  I taped the Ghostbusters remake that came out last year with the chick cast, including that poor African American actress who got so much hatred on Twitter.  Think I’ll give it a try, something light and stupid.