Felt better after a shower, a spritz of Shalimar, a little bit of concealer and lipstick, that’s all, and headed out.  As yesterday was chilly, today is muggy, hot and windy, and I mean, hot wind.  Instead of heading out for scented candles, I remembered that they opened a Trader Joe’s not far me at all, actually it’s across Veterans from Rouses’ and that I’d been meaning to explore.  Well, it seems it is a much less expensive than Whole Foods organic store.  And, as organics go, it was filled with millennials, and some older very thin women with a shocked look on their faces as if they had just come down from a really bad acid trip.  Or maybe never left one back in the sixties.  Translation of the previous sentence:  a bunch of self-absorbed people walking right in your path without even realizing it, standing in front of you in the aisle while you were looking at something blocking your way, and looking dazed when you said, excuse me.  However, having said that, the merchandise and the cost made up for all of this.  I found a gorgeous eggplant, asparagus, riced cauliflower, organic olive oil from Italy, which has a nice nutty taste–just tried it–organic butter (I’m using butter again) and something I’ve never had–seddelini made from red lentil flour.  I was very thirsty so I took of bottle of Trader Joe’s sparkling mineral water and opened it and it exploded like club soda all over me and the aisle, and I and a very nice young African American couple with two adorable kids had a good laugh.  The water is delicious.  And I didn’t even spend thirty dollars for a bagful of stuffus.  I will go back.  Maybe earlier when the darlings are all sleeping in.

Onto to Joe W’s for coffee and a few essentials.  They were giving sample of champagne, iced, as as I was still thirsty I asked for one.  They had regular and pink, which was actually a rose.  Suddenly I remember Mimi letting me having pink champagne in California when I was a little girl, and though I don’t drink it now, I chose the rose.  It was crackling, sparkling dry, ice cold, delicious and I bought a bottle.  I’m not in the mood to sing today so I won’t be at choir.  I hate when I miss, but this is not the day.

A word about the Snakebite.  I have since learned that there is a drink called the snakebite that’s made with ale and cider.  That is not what Sandra Lee described, just the Guinness and the dark rum.   But on their website there is a recipe for a Black Snakebite that calls for Captain Morgan, (yuck) and apple…not what she said.  So, I submit to you her error, or omission, nevertheless produced a fine drink that I enjoyed.