Below is an image of a Mardi Gras New Orleans staple that usually adorns some porch railing, or eaves, other locations on structure during Carnival season that I’ve grown up with. To wit, the Mardi Gras fan.  I post it because, again, unconsciously, when I was stringing the strands of purple, green and gold lights on my back porch railing, just like Christmas trying to do them in a way that would be less entangling, I received a huge surprise when darkness fell and they were lit.  They were in the exact shape as a Mardi Gras fan.  This was unplanned, I was just going with the flow, so to speak, and that was the result.  I swear, it’s almost zen-like when this happens, in such a good way!  And it is a treat to see at night.

As hot and muggy as it’s been, and with the tornados, I didn’t keep up with the weather.  But today there was an exquisite crystalline dawn and sunrise, and opening the window I was pleased to feel, chilled, champagne-like air blowing in, a true, blue, chilly, February day.

It was so warm yesterday driving home; already the first azaleas are peeking out a little, but one front yard in Old Metairie was filled with pastel colored tulips standing straight as spears with their flowery cups in full bloom.  A nice surprise.  I’m probably putting the mouth on myself by saying this, but it has nearly been a full month since I’ve caught a train either coming or going on Metairie Road, or Carrollton down a bit.  Watch, no sooner than I’ve said it, either tonight or tomorrow morning…