Tornadoes dropped down into New Orleans this morning, unexpected, unwelcome and unpleasant for a lot of people, some whose homes had been devastated by the flooding of Katrina in New Orleans East.  Everybody’s cell phones at work were going ballistic as emergency alarms kept going off like an air raid.  So far, no loss of life, thank God, but everyone is heaving a sigh of relief because if this had happened in the middle of the night, except during a work and school day when most people weren’t home, it would have been a human disasters.  They haven’t classified the twister that hit NO East yet, but I saw video of it and I swear it can’t be any less than an F3.  When I got home, my plants had blown over, but we didn’t get a twister.  The bad weather is behind us for now, but it was strange to have this in early February…usually a threat happens in March–April, or the summer.  It’s so sad about the people who have lost their homes…again.